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As the business world strives for better productivity and the workforce becomes mobile, Car GPS installation is very essential. If you are looking for an efficient GPS system for a car, then you can rely on Tower Audio.

Having over 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves on being industry leaders in GPS installation in Melbourne on all types of vehicles.

If you’re in the market for a new car navigation system, deciding where to start and what system will best fit your requirements is difficult. As specialist GPS installers in Melbourne, we help you with expert advice and assistance in choosing the finest system for your car.

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What Do We offer?


With over 20 years of experience, we are fully committed to providing you with the best quality GPS navigation system. From providing easy access for a roadside emergency to locating and tracking your stolen car, our GPS system for a car is your ultimate choice.

With our GPS navigation system, you don’t have to look at road maps or ask for directions. It can help you travel safely and optimise your route. Also, we have an extensive range of navigation devices from trusted brands like Pioneer, Nakamichi, Clarion, Sony, Zenec and Opal.

Why Choose a GPS System for Your Car?

  • Assist you to arrive at your destination safely
  • Easy access to emergency roadside support
  • Allow to trace and locate your stolen car
  • Used for mapping and surveying
  • Increases vehicle efficiency
  • Improves workforce productivity

Being one of the best providers of GPS installation in Melbourne, we are dedicated to designing, installing and tuning car audio products. We provide you with professional car audio installation in Melbourne according to your needs and budget.

Find Your Way Anywhere with GPS Navigation Devices

If you are looking for a way to make your travel a little easier, then you’ll probably love using navigation systems. A GPS navigation system for your car can help you travel safely, avoid traffic and optimize your route a better driving.

Also, with this GPS navigation system, you no longer have to look at road maps or ask for directions.

We at Tower Audio provide you with the most excellent GPS installation in Melbourne. Our stylish and sleek navigation device is the smart choice for your car.

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We have an extensive range of navigation devices from top brands including:

  • Pioneer
  • Nakamichi
  • Clarion
  • Sony
  • Zenec
  • Opal

Change the way you drive with our GPS navigation system that controls all your in-car essentials. All these brands are leading manufacturers for CD players, multi-media DVD units with iPod, U.S.B., Bluetooth connectivity, navigation systems, speakers, amplifiers, GPS navigation systems, subwoofers and prefabricated enclosures that look and work amazing for cars.

If you want to liven up your daily commute, then buy GPS for a car that is safe and easy to connect. We are providing products that replace a factory-fitted system with an aftermarket device in order to maintain the aesthetic look and technical integration of existing cars.

Enhance Your Driving Experience

Our unlimited passion for technology, content and services, drives us to deliver reliable GPS installation in Melbourne. Our installers provide you satisfactory GPS installation process and ensure lifetime quality workmanship.

They have thorough knowledge and experience regarding GPS navigation devices and issues related to them, hence you can assure of the perfect GPS Installation in Melbourne.

Buy GPS for your car from Tower Audio will provide the most efficient route to your destination, thus you spent less time on the road.

At Tower Audio our goal is to make every customer happy after each GPS installation process. We endeavour to be the best in everything we provide, from quality audio products to customer service.

Why Choose Us?

  • Professional GPS installation
  • Cost-effective Services
  • High-Quality car audio systems
  • Skilled GPS installers
  • Extensive experience

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