Android Auto Installation Melbourne

Android Auto Installation Melbourne

Android Auto installation
involves integrating and setting up Android Auto in a compatible vehicle’s infotainment system. Android Auto is a technology developed by Google that allows users to mirror their Android smartphone’s interface and functionalities on the car’s display.

By connecting an Android phone to the car’s infotainment system via a USB cable or wirelessly (if supported), Android Auto provides a simplified and driver-friendly interface optimized for use while driving.

Having Android Auto in the car offers seamless integration with the user’s Android smartphone, providing easy access to navigation, communication, and media apps.

It promotes safer driving by offering a driver-friendly interface with voice commands and minimal distractions. It enhances convenience and reduces stress by keeping users connected and entertained during their journeys, contributing to a more enjoyable driving experience.

Purpose-built for driving and with a simple interface, Android Auto makes your favourite apps easily accessible in the car. It’s a more innovative and safer way to use your phone in the car. Android Auto puts the controls of your smartphone on your car’s built-in display while driving.

You can make calls, get directions, listen to music, and send and receive messages and notifications, all in a manner that allows you to stay focused on the road. With Google Assistant, you can access hundreds of available voice commands, making it easy to change the music, and get directions to your next destination while staying focused on the road.

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Add Value and Functionality to Your Car with Android Auto

Tower Audio is a renowned and experienced name providing Android Auto Installation Melbourne service in the most efficient and precise manner. At Tower Audio, we offer the latest technology with excellent service. We are your one-stop Android Auto, solution provider. We supply, service, and handle Android auto installation in Melbourne.

Our passion for quality workmanship and attention to detail sets us apart from all other Android auto-installers in Melbourne. Our highly specialized team of experienced and skilled electronics professionals will assist you in selecting the best system that suits your needs and budget and installing it most professionally.

Our trade-qualified installers can seamlessly integrate even the most complex system into your car. We strive hard to exceed your expectations time after time.

Our reputation has been built on delivering excellent customer service and highly reliable solutions. We pride ourselves on being recognized as one of the leading Android auto installation Melbourne specialists. Our reputation and commitment to customer satisfaction make Tower Audio the first choice when handing over the keys to your pride and joy.

Android Auto is Extremely Simple: Know How It Works?

Any phone running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later should work with the software. Connecting an Android phone with the infotainment automatically launches Android Auto. A simple connection through a USB cable gives you immediate access to apps, voice control, navigation and music. A simplified touchscreen interface and voice control provide a safer driving experience.

Why Should You Install Android Auto in Your Car?

Some of the salient features of Android Auto include:

Home: Before starting a journey, don’t forget to connect your phone to the USB port. Android Auto will automatically organize useful information into simple cards that appear when needed.

Maps: Let Google lead the way. Heading towards an unknown destination can be stressful, but no more with Google Maps. You can reach your destination safely and quickly with voice navigation instructions, lane guidance, and traffic information.

Music: Listen to your favourite tracks on the road with simple voice commands.

Google Assistance: With the best speech technology, Google Assistance makes controlling everything easy and fun. Simply say the word, and Google will work exactly what is asked.

Communication: While your hand behind the wheels and eyes glued on the roads, check your voicemails, make calls and send and receive text messages using your voice.

Apps: Android Auto lets you access your favourite apps and content in the car.

Get Your Android Auto Installation in Melbourne Done Today from Tower Audio!

We at Tower Audio supply and install a wide range of quality all-in-one in-dash infotainment and car stereo system. You can boost up your Android Auto experience by using car speakers and microphones with Google’s speech technology. This can enable you to control everything with your voice.

The subwoofer controls, built-in equalizer, and additional sound quality adjustment options provide an entirely customizable and distinctive Android Auto experience.

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Enhance Your Ride with Quality Car Audio Installation in Melbourne!

Need help with car audio installation in Melbourne? Owing to years of industry experience, we have the required knowledge and skills for all your in-car entertainment needs. We at Tower Audio install and supply trusted and reputed brands such as Pioneer, Alpine and Clarion car audio Melbourne systems. We strive to ensure every customer is left with high-quality and affordable systems to enhance their car audio in Melbourne experience.

Our professional service of car audio installation in Melbourne ensures the following:

  • Sound Quality
  • Products to suit all vehicle types
  • Professional planning and installation
  • Price range to suit your budget
  • High-end sound specialist
  • Soundproofing available
  • Solid sound output

Add the Latest Features to Your Car & Enhance Your Driving Experience!

Contact us to get your hands on the latest technology and top-of-the-range products. With an affordable price and no compromise on product quality, Tower Audio is the place to get the best automotive electronic products for your vehicle. To get your car stereo, car audio or Android system installation done by a professional, call us at (03) 9553 3054 and talk to one of our experts.

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