Apple CarPlay Head Unit Installation and Sales Melbourne

Get A Supreme Media Experience with Apple CarPlay

Now is the time for an exceptionally rewarding media experience. Tower Audio is pleased to announce, that the breakthrough Apple CarPlay Technology is now available to us. We are a premium and reliable supplier of Apple CarPlay Head Units in Melbourne. Apple CarPlay is quite a breakthrough technological system which has been used for integration of iPhone devices with automobiles.

CarPlay is an integrated system of display that can be provided as an optional extra with a car. It consists of a display that relies on the dashboard of your car. Users can plug the iPhone into the CarPlay system and use a mixture of Siri voice commands and touchscreen control for interacting with the CarPlay.

Our Apple CarPlay Installation is Melbourne wide and has been instrumental in providing high-quality products with the following benefits:

  • No distractions while driving
    With CarPlay, applications are at a minimum, leaving less distraction and you can concentrate on the road.
  • Big screen and a friendly UI
    You can get a lot of information with just a glance which will also reduce the time to press and navigate through your favourite applications.
  • Siri system with your car
    With Siri, you are just a button press away from getting the latest updates and any information whilst on the move.
  • Built-in satellite navigation
    CarPlay provides the best display to a route, while audio is being played in the car speakers, with no missed turns and iPhone battle.
  • Dictating text messages
    The messages can be dictated using an in-car microphone which is connected to the CarPlay receiver.
  • Streaming music live to the car stereo
    You can expand your listening from a handful of local and national radio FM stations to thousands of streaming live across the world.
  • Get live scores, weather and more
    You can very conveniently get the latest match and weather-related information at your destination.
  • All controls at your fingertips
    The system is so much convenient to use that you can carry on driving with minimum disturbance, but can also use the CarPlay.
  • Higher resale value
    Installing a good quality CarPlay system will surely increase the resale value of the car substantially.
  • Incredible sound quality
    Adding a new receiver will provide you with improved audio fidelity and there are many features to choose from.

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