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The Tower Audio Moorabbin culture is based on commitment to excellence and persistent attention to detail. We are trade qualified installers and teachers of automotive electronics for T.A.F.E. certified courses. Being qualified teachers we use scientific facts and theory as well as hands on skills to design and install. Twenty plus years of experience and we’re still extremely passionate about what we do. This amount of experience and expertise enables us to recommend the right products for your needs…

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Apple Carplay / Android Auto
bluetooth car kits

Connect your smart phone, then control and display apps, phone calls, music, navigation mapping and text messages all from the unit…

Sound System Upgrades
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Pioneer, Sony, Opal, Nakamichi, Clarion and Zenec. Replacing the stereo in your car will not just open you up to connectivity of iPod, USB, Bluetooth…

Navigation Systems
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There are so many options here. Pioneer, Nakamichi, Clarion, Sony, Zenec and Opal. Our range is huge. With some cars we can add factory navigation…

Classic Cars
classic car audio installations

We specialise in concourse, classic, American and Australian muscle cars. We love integrating audio systems into your pride and joy. Want a…

Custom Work
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Just have a look at our gallery and you will see the skill and quality of our craftsmanship. Our designs are unique for every customer and…

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Do you have an audio system which is playing up or not working at all? Multi disc C.D. stacker units jam up all the time. Maybe you want to get…

Bluetooth Phone Kits
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Dension integration kits are designed to work with original factory fitted radios and are controlled and displayed through the standard screen. They…

Dash Cams / Driving Assist
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Take the guess work out of reversing. A rear view camera plus rear vision mirror with a T.V. screen in it is a great and simple answer, and it looks…

Marine Audio
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At Tower Audio Moorabbin we love doing fit-outs on boats. We sell good value for money marine audio brands such as DNA and Aerpro. We also…

Power Supply Upgrades
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This is a very important area that most people over look. Large amplifiers require large current demands…

Sound Deadener
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When buying a sound system, you should consider sound deadening. Applying deadener to the doors will seal the speakers in much better and…

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When purchasing audio products, keep in mind that installation and tunning are just as important as the products you are buying. Our jobs are…

Rear Seat Entertainment
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Driving for hours with children in the car can be a real test of patience. Why not keep them quiet and entertained with…

Security Systems
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We are an authorized ‘Viper Gold Dealer’. This means that we have the expertise to install any alarm into any vehicle. We can install an alarm into…

Original Look Upgrades
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When improving the sound quality of your vehicle, many people wish to keep the car looking standard. We can add speakers and amplifiers…

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