Car Bluetooth Melbourne

Avoid the Penalties and Drive Safe with a Car Bluetooth in Melbourne

Using your phone whilst driving is illegal and the penalties can be severe. Don’t get caught talking on the phone while driving with a car Bluetooth. We at Tower Audio supply and install a wide range of fully integrated Bluetooth car kits for your vehicle.

Fully integrated Bluetooth car kits are highly reliable and give excellent audio quality using existing car speakers. Car Bluetooth installation in Melbourne gives you the freedom of being able to use your phone in the car. The car Bluetooth will automatically pair your phone while turning the car on, so you can leave your phone in your pocket or bag and still being able to make calls via touch screen or voice dialling depending on your phone and the car Bluetooth you choose.

Car Bluetooth Installation in Melbourne Offering Clarity and Safety

Car Bluetooth in Melbourne is a great addition to your vehicle for both music streaming and communication. We at Tower Audio, carry a wide range of Australia’s leading brands that includes Sony, Clarion, Opal and Pioneer.

With us, you can get complete peace of mind, as our car Bluetooth installation Melbourne service is backed by excellent customer service and helpful, experienced advice. We can provide you with a Bluetooth car kit to suit your vehicle and mobile phone needs.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. Owing to our years of enviable reputation, we strive hard to exceed put client’s expectation through high-quality products and excellent workmanship. Two salient features of our car Bluetooth installation service are:

Expertise: Our expertise in in-car solutions from sales to installation will ensure you get the best car Bluetooth to suit you and your vehicle no matter what your budget.

Technician: With years of experience under their belt, our trade qualified installers are extremely passionate about what they do. Their expertise not only enables them to recommend the right products for your needs but also finely install, test and tune products.

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Planning to Buy Car Bluetooth?

Literally, hundreds of Car Bluetooth are available today, with more and more models coming onto the market. Choosing the right brand car Bluetooth in Melbourne can be a daunting task and our job is to make that process easier. We have extensive experience with industry’s leading products which enables us to select the right product that suits your needs. We pride in offering quality car Bluetooth in Melbourne at the most competitive prices.

We sell, install and recommend car Bluetooth of all the major brands including Sony, Clarion, Opal and Pioneer. All of our brands are warranted through Australian distributors and our car Bluetooth installation Melbourne service is guaranteed with excellent back-up service.

More Than A Hands-Free Car Kit:

With our professional car Bluetooth installation in Melbourne, it is possible to upgrade your car audio system with a unit that has a built-in Bluetooth technology. This means you get the additional features of improved sound, performance and convenience.

Your mobile phone is no longer just a communication device, but also a media player and entertainment source. You can stream media files and music directly to your vehicle’s sound system.

Car Bluetooth Installation in Melbourne

  • Voice Recognition: Without even touching your phone, place and receive calls in total comfort and safety
  • Noise Reduction: It not only provides audio clarity to those speaking to you but also control the volume with ease
  • Seamless Hands-Free Use: With the technological advancement, car Bluetooth automatically uses the car speakers while muting the radio.
  • Car Bluetooth Cost: The average car Bluetooth cost can vary from $15 to $1500, depending on the brand, functions, model and features.

Your Local Car Audio Shop in Melbourne

Owing to years of experience and in-depth industry knowledge, we are the car audio specialist with the skills to provide efficient car audio installation in Melbourne. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and offering solutions that suit every budget and needs.

Ready to Buy A Car Bluetooth?

Simply give us a call at (03) 9553 3054 and a member of our team will help you.[/read]